What We Do

  • The starting of Gulf Eco Friendly Services in the UAE, was a great exodus of handful of likeminded people united for a noble mission under the leadership of a visionary entrepreneur Mr C Prince. GEFS started as an operation and maintenance service provider for sewage treatment plant in 2009 alongside GEFS entered into water treatment segment and continued to be triumphant. When aspiration becomes the perception endurance becomes the dedication commitments becomes the worship success is imminent. GEFS we hydrate the nation. Subsequently GEFS extended its reach undertaking prestigious water, Oil and gas and Sewage pipeline projects of govt. dept. and private sector companies. Pipelines are the arteries of the nation and GEFS devotes utmost sustenance to ensure health and longevity of the high pressure pipeline networks.


To improve and safeguard our environment through commitment, expertise and a sense of responsibility. To overcome challenges and meet target objectives through compliance with all safety regulations.


To become industry leaders by harnessing comprehensive analytical and technical capabilities aimed at maximising not just efficiency, performance and longevity, but even value for shareholders and stakeholders.


Whatever our role at GEFS, we are all connected through the same value ecosystem. At the core is a belief that our clients and partners always deserve the best, across every phase of our business relationship.